Your Union Is Rebranding

CEIU’s new logo is the vision of hundreds of members sharing what CEIU means to them.

Our union’s mission is to protect the rights and promote the interests of all workers. Responding to this, our new logo is built on the idea that strength is a result of diversity, community and mutual support.


The logomark consists of three individuals who form shields that together form the shape of a maple leaf. Consequently, this concept relates to the values of CEIU in that it grows and is strong in its representation of togetherness.


Our new logo was unveiled at the HR/RR Conference and we are now pleased to share it with you!



Please familiarize yourself with the branding book and guidelines for use of the logo, so that we can use it in a unified, polished and professional way across all our materials and communications. Use our logo with pride in our history, identity and in the spirit of collaboration that made it possible.


In sharing this exciting new branding with you, we wish to thank all the members who contributed to this part of our history. From start to finish I am incredibly proud of the work done, and the high level of engagement by thousands of CEIU members who offered their insights and opinions about who and what CEIU means to them.


Together, we are stronger than ever.