Front-End Outreach

Becomes a Standing Committee effective the 2020 Presidents' Conference.
The six members consist of at least one Citizen Service Officer from each District and at least one Team Leader and one Citizen Service Specialist when possible. 
Front End/Outreach Committee
6 Positions
2 Year Term  6 positions  Email   
Paolo De Marchi [email protected]  
Francine Harrison [email protected]  
Julie Sanfacon [email protected]  
Wendy Ann Moulton [email protected]  
Bernadette D'Souza [email protected]  
Carl Thompson [email protected]  
1st Alternate     
Terrance Brown [email protected]  
2nd Alternate     
Emily Green [email protected]  
Phil Matheson [email protected]  
AM KuarSingh [email protected]  
Regional Union Representative     
x Vacant