CEIU Claim Form

Members attending CEIU functions use CEIU Claim form to claim reimbursement of their expenses.


Support for Local Internet Access

CEIU supports better communication with its locals through a subsidy program. The union will provide up to $25 per month for your local to purchase access to the internet. Through this program, locals will be able to more easily contact union staff representatives and elected officers, conduct research and reduce their dependence on material delivered through the mail.

Entitlement requirements

To be entitled to this subsidy, the local must:

  • Be in good standing;
  • Provide an e-mail address for the local (address cannot be on the employer’s e-mail system);
  • Agree to disseminate to local members the information sent via the internet by the CEIU;
  • Provide to the CEIU national office receipts showing the purchase of internet access for the months of January and July each year, and agree to reimburse to the CEIU, via the check-off system, all monies received but not applied to the purchase of internet access.


Interested locals can apply for the subsidy by completing and returning the following form.

Grievance Forms

Six forms related to grievances are available here:

There is also the Steward Fact Sheet that will be of value to a steward in the preparation of a grievance file.


Self-Identification Form

The Human Rights/Race Relations Committee of CEIU has a broad mandate to advance issues of human rights and race relations within the workplace, the union, and society at large. Please click this link.


CEIU Declaration of Office Form

This is the form required to be filled out by anyone elected to office with CEIU, including local executives. Please click here for the form. 


Family Care Expenses Form

Please find the CEIU family care expense form on the CEIU National website under FORMS